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Wholesale 100PCS 808 nm 200mw Laser Diodes


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Output power: 0.2w(CW)
Variety of stripe width
Efficient quantum well structure
Solid-state laser pumping
Medical usage
Beacons and Illumination
Free-space communication
Infrared light sources

Value AL808T200
CW output power (mW ) 200
Peak wavelength (nm) 8085
Spectral width (nm) ≤5
Threshold current (A) ≤0.1
Operating current (A) ≤0.45
Operating voltage (V) 1.6~2.2
Slope efficiency (W/A) ≥0.9
Beam divergence θ⊥θ∥ (deg.) 12/40
Wavelength temperature coefficient (nm/℃) 0.3
Emitting area (μm) 501
Serial resistance (Ω) ≤1.5
Lifetime(h) 10000
Package TO-18

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