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UV Light Meter


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professional,high quality UV meter
Ultra-violet irradiance measurement for UVA&UVB
UV detector spectrum from 290nm to 390nm.
Hi,Lo measurement range.
Two ranges:1.999 mW/c㎡,19.99 mW/c㎡
Exclusive UV sensor structure.
LSI Circuit provides high reliability and durability.
Separate UV LIGHT probe allows user to measure the UV light at an optimun position.
LCD display,easy readout.
Heavy duty&compact housing case.
DC 9V battery power supply.
Built-in low bttery indicator.

Monitoring blue radiation hazard in welding.
UV sterilization
Graphic arts.
Photochemical matching.
UV EPROM erasure.
Curing of inks,adhesives and coatings.

Weathering"degradation studies."
UV sterilization
Microbial genetics.
DNA research.
Biologic hoods.
General laboratory use.

Display: LCD,21.5MM,Maximum indication 1999.
Measurement ranges&resolution:1.999 mW/CM^2×0.001 mW/cm^2;1.99 mW/CM^2×0.01 mW/cm^2
UV sensor:Band pass 290-390nm.
Accuracy: ±(4%FS+2dgt FS:full scale)
Sensor structure:The exclusive UV photo diode&UV color correction filter.
Sample Time: Appro×0.4 sec.
Over Range Indication: Indication of"1".
Weight: 220g/0.48LB
Operating Temperature Humidity: Max. 80%RH.
Power Supply: DC 9V 006P,MN1604(PP3)OR Equivalent.
Power Consumption: Approx.DC 2.7 mA.
Main instrument:200×68×30mm(7.9×2.7×1.2 inch).
Sensor probe handle:
98×20 mm dia. (3.9×0.8inch)
Accessories Included: 
Instruction manual...........1PC.
UV SENSOR PROBE..............1PC.

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