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UV Lasers are used for Cold Processing

Wavelength: UV 355 nm
Low cost & high reliability
High power
Diode end-pumped & Air cooling
Long lifetime & Maintenance-free
Good beam quality
High power stability:▒1% (8h)
Nd:YVO4 crystal
A-O Q-switched

A-Laser to Showcase UV Laser Depaneling For Flexible and Rigid Materials

A-Laser, a company providing laser cutting services for ablation of ultra-thin plastics and metals, is to showcase its UV laser depaneling for flex and rigid materials at the SMTA International Conference & Exhibition to be held in Texas.

A-Laser MicroLine SerieTitel
A-Laser is a part of the FCT Assembly family of companies and is a division for precision parts.

Laser cutting technology allows achievement of a superior quality of cut, and more complex designs. It also enables maintenance of tighter tolerances. The technology has elevated the level of the precision parts industry.

A-Laser caters to different types of industries and addresses their production as well as prototype needs. The company provides laser cutting solutions with a tighter tolerance. It provides a positional accuracy of ▒0005", a superior cutting edge precision, and internal edges that are nearly radius-free and have fine contours due to a less than 20 Ám beam. In order to avoid material distortion, A-Laser processes materials in a contact-free manner.

The company processes different types of materials, such as polyimide, thermal and precious metals on UV laser systems. It can also accommodate these materials even when they are bonded or clad. The company has amassed a library of tools for accommodating varying demands of customers related to cuts, thicknesses and material combinations.

The SMTA International Conference & Exhibition is to take place in Fort Worth, Texas, at the Fort Worth Convention Center, from October 18 to19, 2011.
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