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Tunable single-frequency fiber laser


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Tunable Single-mode Fiber Laser


MTFL is a valuable tunable single-mode fiber laserthe output power can up to 100mW of C wave band and L wave band can up to 10Mw, these two total can make the line width ≤10MHz.It has the active wavelength stability device with the tunable special design.

Product features
Stable single mode output
High-power output
Ultra-narrow line width
Single-mode fiber output
High reliability
Wavelength tunable

Laser radar
High precision fiber sensor system
R-OTDR fiber sensor
OFDR fiber sensor
Gas absorption and detection
Fiber communications test equipment
Science experience research


Performance parameter

Wavelenth tunable range[nm]: 1528.7731563.455nm(C);15711607nm(L+ C+L);
Line width: <=10MHz
Wavelength tunable distance: 50GHz (0.4nm)
FSR: 50HGz
Output peak power[mW]: 10mW, 20mW, 50mw, 100mW for C band10mW;
for L 10mW; for C+L 500mW, 1000mW, 2000mW; for 1536nm---1562nm
SMSR: >=35dB
Power stability[dB] (15 minutes): +/-0.05
Power stability[dB] (10 hours): <0.2
Light isolator: >=30dB
Fiber connector: FC-APC
Supply voltage: 220VAC; 200W
Operation temperature[C]: 0 - 45
Storage temperature[C]: -40 - 70

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