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Technical Grade 2000mW(2W) 808nm Infrared Laser Modules


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2W 808nm infrared laser modules are widely used in industry and research area. It has a fan for cooling, then you can keep it working for hours.

Model: 808-2W
Wavelength: 808nm
Operating mode: CW
Output power: >1.8W
Spatial mode: Near TE00
Longitudinal mode: Multi
Spectral linewidth: 1.5nm
Polarization: Linear vertical
Polarization ratio: >50:1
Beam quality: M2<20
Beam divergence full angle: 5mrad
Beam diameter at aperture: 3mm3mm
Beam pointing stability: 0.05mrad
Noise: <5% 10Hz-50MHz
Power stability: 5% over 8 hrs rms
Optical axis height: 28.5mm
Size of laser head: LWH=854040mm
Size of power supply: LWH=1186438mm
Cabel-laser head: 0.3m
Weight of laser head: 0.6kg
Weight of power supply: 1.2kg
TTL modulation: 0V-no lasing, 5V-lasing
Frequency of TTL: 1kHz-30kHz
Efficiency of TTL: 40%-60%
Analogue modulation: 0-5V
Frequency of analogue: 1kHz-20kHz
Cooling mode: TEC
Operating votage: AC100V-240V转DC3V DC12V-DC3.3V
Maximum power consumption: 10W
Warm-up time: 5 mintues
Operating temperature: 10-35℃
Storage temperature: -20-60℃(<90% relative humidity, non-condensing)
Expected life time: 10,000 hours
Warranty time: 1 year

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