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It gives out 532 nm green beam with a power extension from 100 mw to 200 mw. Since the beam has a high quality, it is durable. It can be widely used both on a handhold laser and a tabletop one. Advanced IC chips are applied on the power source, so it has a high efficiency and provides low heat. Besides, it has a broad tension, which insures a constant current without decreasing the power of the beam when the voltage ranges from 3.0 V to 4.2 V , extending the durability of the battery effectively. The LD pedestal is measured accurately with the thermal resistor. It can switch off the power automatically once the temperature limit is exceeded, and thus the laser can be protected efficiently, so the life-span will beprolonged.

Pump power 300-1000MW
Wavelength 532 nm
Output Power 200 (mW)
Beam Mode TEMoo
Working Mode CW
Beam Divergence 1.0-2.0 mrad
beam diameter:7MM
Power Stability <15%
The main technical indicators :
Dimension (φ45+φ22.5)110(mm)
Power input methods 18650 Drived by battery
Weight 175g (without batteries)
Cooling system Over-temperature shutdown
Operation Temperature 10-35 ℃
Expected Lifetime 5000-10000(hours)

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