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While we have offered red diode lasers and refurbished ion lasers for sale for many years, we are pleased to now offer an extensive line of green laser sources for sale. Units are both OEM modules and finished US varianced systems. We offer lower power convection-cooled models to 200 mw, mid-range units to 3 watt, and finally high power refurbished units to 40 watts. These lasers can be integrated into fibers, mounts, projectors, or scan systems as your scientific, industrial, or display application requires. Our 30+ years of laser photonic experience gives you an easy path to the custom solution you require. Tell us what you need or the problem to be solved and we will do it FAST and ECONOMICALLY.

SpectraGreen Family of SolidState Green Diode-Pumped Lasers
Name Power Level Features Notes
GreenMini 10-170 mW Digital Modulation to 15kHz Not TE cooled
GreenMini-TE 10-200 mw   TE cooled for high power stability
MediaLas DPGL 500LM  >450mW, typical 550 - 600mW Digital Modulation to 10kHz Great Price! TE-cooled
Excel 1000 and Entertainer 500 500 mW and 1 Watt  30kHz Modulation Blanking 
Melles Griot 58GLS 2-3 Watts  High Power, Easy to Use Adaptable to all Projectors
Coherent DPSS-532  >100 mW High Quality Single Frequency Holographer's Dream Used refurbished unit
Coherent Compass 315M-100  >100 mW Single Freq, Extremely Stable, OEM Replacement heads available, please inquire

These compact (4.2" x 2.2" x 1.4") low power units include laser heads in heatsink assemblies for better power stability and drivers which can be TTL modulated to 15 kHz. They are convection cooled and it is recommended to mount the heatsink onto a larger metal heat conductor. The power ratings unlike other vendors are conservatively rated and include a warranty to deliver that power over one year. For high stability, we offer TE-cooled lasers. Power levels are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, and 200 mw. Prices keep dropping so call for your current quote to (818) 994-9577 or email to GreenLasers at Holo-Spectra.

Model No. GreenMini 
Output Wavelength 532nm
Output Power (CW) CW, 5 up to 200 mW
Beam Mode TEMoo
Beam Diameter (l/e ) <2mm at IM distance
Beam Divergence (1/e ) <1mrad
Warm Up Time ~15 min
Line Width <0.1nm
Polarization Linear
Expected LifeTime >5000 hrs
Operating Current <1,500mA
Optimum Operating Temperature 20~30C
Storage Temperature Range 0-50C
Power Input 90~240VAC;50/60Hz
TTL Modulation <10KHz

SpectraPhysics Millenia II and Millenia X (11 watts with low hours)
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