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Single Mode Diode Laser for Holography


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wavelength(nm): 532±0.1
Output power(mW):≦200.0
Power stability(RMS): ≦3% (25℃&4hours testing)
Transverse mode:  TEM00
longitudinal mode: Single-longitude
Spectral linewidth(nm): ≦0.0001
Operating mode: CWPW
M2  factor: ≦1.2
Beam divergence mrad: ≦1.5
Beam diameter at aperture(mm): ≦2.0
Light spot roundness:  ≧90%
Light spot stability(mrad): ≦0.05
Amplitude stability(RMS):  ≦1%
Polarization: Line polarization
Polarization ratio: ≧100:1
Operating voltage(V): DC12V
Average power dissipation(W): ≦45W
TTL modulation(Hz):  ≦1kHz(05VDC power level signal input)
Analog modulation(Hz): ≦1kHz(0~5VDC power level signal input)
Warming-up time(min): ≦10
Operating temperature(℃):-5℃~+45℃
Operating humidity(X%): 20~85%RH(No condensation)
Storage temperature(℃):  -20℃~+60℃
Storage humidity(X%): 10~95%RH
Insulating property(MΩ): ≧100MΩ
Vibration resistance(GBT): 2423.43-2008/-15m/s2 5-200Hz
Shock resistanc(IEC):  60068-2-47:2005/-150 m/s2 11ms
Dielectric strength(V): ≧2000V
Expected lifetime(hour): ≧10000.0
Warranty year:1 .0(15 days after the date of delivery)

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