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RGB 6W-30W Full Color Lasershow


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Product Features:
Unique three-color combination technology, small size saves space, pure color,
Using high-speed galvanometer scanning technology,
A broken pen, strobe, rotating, rolling, moving, stretching, zoom, gradually drawing, speed and other effects,
With pattern size adjustment function,
Built-in 256 beam and animation design,
Animation can do beam performances, laser advertising, laser projection. Performance 

Scanning system: 40K high-speed scanning galvanometer, big angle scanning (60 °)
Laser: Laser: red, green, blue solid-state lasers, full-color power 6W-30W
Wavelength: 6W RGB (532nm 2,5 W, 635nm 2W, 450nm 2W)
8W RGB (532nm 3W, 635nm 2W, 450nm 3W)
10W RGB (532nm 4W, 635nm 3W, 450nm 3W)
15W RGB (532nm 6W, 635nm 5W, 450nm 5W)
20W RGB (532nm 8W, 635nm 6W, 450nm 6W)
25W RGB (532nm 10W, 635nm 7W, 450nm 8W)
30W RGB (532nm 10W, 635nm 10W, 450nm 10W)
Control mode PC, DMX, Auto-mode
Control Interface international standard ILDA interface, compatible with any laser control software.
Power supply: 100 ~ 250V, 50/60HZ ,400-1000W
Application of places: disco ballroom, conference, KTV box family party and other places

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