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If you like lasers or working with lasers, please join our reseller plan, you can share our profit with no risk. We will put your contact, your blog or facebook page on .  The customers will contact you to purchase the laser. Then we will send all the orders in your country or area for this week or future week. You just need to distribute it and get your profit. The profit is 10% in the beginning, and it will increase if we do more co-work , or sell more.

If you join the plan, we will help you promote your blog, your facebook page, your youtube video channel, and we will make you success in laser business. You will sell out lots of laser pointers, laser diodes, DPSS laser and other profitable big laser machines or system. 

If you're running online store, you can easily import all the products into your online store. And we can make videos and pictures special for you.

Currently we send the lasers to our customers directly, because we're manufacturer and located in China, the shipping cost is high and the delivery time is longer than domestic.  If we send plenty of the lasers to you, and you distribute it. We will save the shipping cost, the customers will get the lasers much faster, and you will get $ . It's simple and easy. You have no risk, you can get the money by Paypal or check.

We would like to recommend these popular lasers for resellers. 

Contact us if you're interested, on our contact page ,  you will be there if you join our plan. All the customers in your country will contact you. You can send the questions by email: . You can also discuss with on our facebook page .

You can also discuss this plan with current resellers, who have made profit with the plan, you will get better explanation. If the future, maybe after one year co-work, you will get to know the most profitable part of the laser business. 

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