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500mw red laser is most powerful handheld red laser pointer, with a reasonable price. The wavelength is 635nm, which is different from the traditional 660nm or 650nm red laser pointer. Therefore the red laser is sometimes called orange laser pointer.  This red laser pointer is so powerful that you need safety goggles. Get one with half price ! You can choose the cheap goggles or the best goggles.

Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: φ26*142mm
Output Power: 500mW (0.5W)
Project distance: 8000 meters.
Class: Class Ⅳ
Wavelength: 638nm (635nm - 650nm)
Output Mode: Constant Wave 
Battery: 18650 x 1pcs (Batteries included, charger Included )
Dot Size: <φ18mm at10m distance
Warm-up Time (seconds):  < 1 second
Operating Voltage:   DC=3.7V  @1.2A
Starting Voltage:DC=2.7V  
Operating Current :  <1200mA     
Operation Temperature (℃) :  +15℃~+30℃
Storage Temperature (℃): -10℃~+40℃

The focus is adjustable.  If you adjust the laser dot big enough, you will find that it is Rectangle. 

Please insert the battery + end outside. The red laser is powered by 1pcs 18650 battery. Press the button at the tail to turn it on.

Protect your eyes from the bright red laser beam (red light beam) with this red laser safety goggles. The 500mw red handheld portable laser has the same shape with the 1000mW blue laser.

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