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ROHM 10mW 780nm laser diode RLD78NZM1

Rated parameters: Standard value 
Optical output Po_max.(mW): 10  
Reverse voltage VR_max.(V): 2  
Operating temperature Topr(ēC): -10 to +60  
Storage temperature Tstg(ēC): -40 to +85  

Parameters Value Conditions
Peak emission wavelength λp_typ.(nm) 790 Po=6mW
Threshold current Ith_typ.(mA) 10  
Operating current Iop_typ.(mA) 20 Po=6mW
Operating voltage Vop_typ.(V) 1.9 Po=6mW
Monitor current Im_typ.(mA) 1.0  
Parallel divergence angle θ//_typ.(deg) 9 Po=6mW
Perpendicular divergence angle θ⊥_typ.(deg) 28 

 5.6mm TO-18 5mW 780nm Infrared IR Laser Diode LD
Sealed Size: TO-18 (5.6mm)
Output Power: 5mW
Wavelength: 780 nm
Life Span: >10000 hours
Working Temperature: -10 ℃~+40 ℃

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