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Do you want a 200mW green laser? Yes, it’s very easy to buy a laser pointer at laser stores or online stores. But the price may be very high, as 200mW green laser is high technology equipment. So you may want 200mW green laser cheap, even 200mW green laser cheapest. Find them here at Armlaser:

200mW green laser is powerful and it can light match, burn plastics, burn skin(no one will use 200mW green to burn skins), pop balloons, light cigar, astronomy, and so on. 200mW green laser can light a match, because the laser is so powerful that it comes with a lot of heat, and the match is easy to burn. Someone wants to know the differences between 200mW green and Red, here are some issues you need to know about 200mW green vs red. Since 200mW green vs red have the same power but different colors of laser, if you measure them with a laser power meter, they’re both about 200mW. 200mW green is much more noticeable, since the green laser is brighter than red laser. The 200mW green can be used as skypointer.

The best 200mw green laser is “200mw green beast”:

It's extremely powerful.

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