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The laser pointer with a power higher than 5mW is harmful to human eyes. The high power laser pointer has a power much higher than 5mW, such as 50mW, 100mW and even 500mW. high power laser are high power red laser pointer, high power green laser pointer, high power blue laser pointer, high power violet laser pointer. High power laser is made with high power laser diode, high power laser module. Usually the high power laser pointer means that 100mW or 200mW green laser and red laser. Armlaser has high power lasers , such as : 70mW red laser, 200mW red laser, 100mW green laser and 200mW green laser.

There are also 1000mW green laser pointer, 400mW infrared laser pointer in Armlaser. The highest power laser is 2000mW 808nm laser module(2W laser module):
Wavelength: 808+-5nm
Output Power: 2000mW  (2W)

Output Power @ 25 ℃ 1000mW
Wavelength 532nm
Expected lifetime (hours)  >5000

High power laser is extremely dangerous for human eyes, skins and helicopter, planes. It may blind pilot. High power laser can light matches, burn paper, plastics, tobacco. High power laser can be used as laser weapon to blind enemies. Find all high power laser products at Armlaser.

Most of the high power laser pointers are 445nm blue laser pointers. The blue high power laser pointers are 1W, even 2W blue laser. The blue high power laser pointers is very bright and dangerous. You need a blue laser goggles for high power blue laser. 

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