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Most of us know laser, we know that laser is visible light, they can be red, green, blue and white. However there are invisible laser, that we canít see them at all. Invisible laser has a wavelength that human eyes canít see it. Different colors of laser have different colors, here is the relationship between wavelength and color:

Well, invisible laser must have a wavelength out of 380nm Ė 750nm, then human eyes canít see them at all. We can make a invisible laser pointer to make it emit invisible laser beam. You can find a high power 808nm invisible laser pointer here :

It has a wavelength of 808nm and we canít see the laser beam. The output power is 400mW , it can burn paper and plastics. You can even adjust its focus to make it more powerful.

The spectral band between 400 and 700 nm is termed "visible" in laser safety standards, this is not the full extent of the visible spectrum. Light, or visible radiation, is that which is perceived by the human eye, and the spectral bandwidth for vision is really larger, extending into what some refer to as ultraviolet and infrared. This is important to recognize when speaking of visual effects such as after-images and glare.

Here are some invisible laser modules:

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