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The most powerful handheld blue laser. You can get it less than $300. Click the following pictures to buy it.

2000mW Blue Laser Pointer 2000mW Blue Laser Pointer 2000mW Blue Laser Pointer

The 2W lasers are : 2W DPSS 532nm green laser, 2W 808nm infrared laser pointer, red†2w handheld laser, and the†most powerful †2W blue laser with the wavelength 445nm-450nm. The 2w blue laser is made of 2W 445nm blue laser diodes. The diodes are used in blue laser DVD.†

The 2W blue laser,the brightest and most powerful laser in the world !

The 2w laser is 2000mw, it can be 2w 532nm green laser, 2w 808nm infrared laser, 2w 650nm red laser . The common portable laser pointer can be 2w 808nm infrared laser or 2w 1064nm laser. If you want to produce 2w green laser, you need DPSS 2w green laser, such as Armlaser LDPumped 532nm Green Laser:

The 2w laser is powerful and most of them are used at Labs. The 2w 1064nm laser and 2w 808nm laser are easier to make than 2w 532nm and 650nm laser. Armlaser 2000mw Laser Module , 2w Laser Module:

Wavelength: 808+-5nm
Output Power: 2000mW† (2W)
Driving Circuit: ACC/TTL
Lens : 8mm Glass Lens
Operating Voltage: 90-240VAC TTC(0-5VDC)
Operating Current: < 600mA
Operating Lifetime(MTTF): >4000Hrs

The above 2w 808nm laser module will make out 2w 808nm infrared laser. It canít be powered by batteries.† The key part of the 2w laser module is 2W 808nm High Power Diode Lasers.Use appropriate power supply. Transient reverse current greater than 25μA and /or reverse voltage >3V will destroy the unit.

There are some other 2W laser modules.

2W laser may be too powerful for you, you can get a 50mw green laser or this high power infrared laser first.

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