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Ordinary ASE light source mode


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Ordinary ASE Light Source-modules

Products features
High power output
Stable power
Small size

Fiber gyroscope
Distributing fiber sound and liberation sensing system
Fiber raster sensing system
Optics equipment test

Performance parameters
Operating wavelength(nm):1529nm;1564
Output power(dBm): 7;20
Output power stability(23℃,15mins)(dB): 0.02
Power adjustable range9dB): 0;+/-2.0
Supply voltage(V):4.75;5.25
Operation temperature(C): -40;65
Storage temperature(C): -40;70
Fiber type: SMF-28 single-mode , 900umfireproof cladding
Fiber length(mm) :900;1100
Fiber extending load (10 seconds)(N): 5
Plug type: 30-pin female connector with RS-232-serial interface (3.3V TTL)
Connector type: FC/APC
Demission(mm): 907026

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