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Nd doped phosphate laser glasses


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High power glasses - Nd doped phosphate laser glasses are widely used in high average power laser solid state lasers, laser material processing, ranger finders and other industrial and scientific applications. We provide two types of Nd3 doped phosphate laser glasses, specially developed for large aperture ultra high power laser system.
Type N31 Nd doped laser glass: this kind of glass exhibits the moderate cross section for stimulated emission and the excellent chemical durability.   
Type N21 Nd doped laser glass: a new Nd3 doped phosphate laser glass, it exhibits the nearly same qualification with HOYAL.

Wavelength: 1.054 micron (1.047 micron)
Orientation: s or p
Nd concentration: 0.8%~1.0%
Flatness: λ/10 at 633 nm per inch
Parallelism: 20 arc seconds
Perpendicularity: 10 arc minutes
Surface quality: 10 - 5
Wavefront distortion: λ/4 fringes per inch
Homogeneityof refractive index: 2 x 10-6
Reflectivity of AR coatings upon request: 0.25%
Damage threshold: > 300 GW/cm2

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