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Miniature Fiber Spectrometer


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Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer is a portable instrument for rapid spectral analyzing. The device is powered by USB 2.0 interface, very suitable for the application of chemical, biological and other applications that require on-site monitoring. The device is composed of fast 16-bit analog to digital (A / D) converter, 2048-pixel CCD array detector and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. Integration time of the spectrometer is from 1ms to 30s. A thousand frame data can be transmitted from hardware to PC in a second in shortest integration time. At the same time, with the outstanding circuits and optical design, resolution (FHWM) can up to 0.35nm (depend on the width of the slit).

ms level real-time data transmit
Module design
User define wavelength range
USB powered 

More pictures about Armlaser Spectrometer. Here is the spectrum for He-Ne laser, Hg light and LED light.

Dimensions: 77.5x45x108 mm3
Weight: 580g

Detector Specifications
Detector range: 300~1000 nm
Pixels: 2048pixels
Pixel size: Width:14um Long:56um
Sensitivity: 75 photons/count

Optical Bench
Design: f/4, Asymmetrical crossed Czerny-Turner
Focal length: 60 mm
Entrance aperture: Silt width:10、30、90,180 um optional
Grating: 600 grv/mm
Fiber optical connector: SMA-905

Wavelength range: 350~1000 nm
Optical resolution: 0.3~5 nm(FWHM)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 300:1 (at full signal)
A/D resolution: 16 bits
Dark noise: 50(RMS)
Dynamic range: 300:1 for a single acquisition
Integration time: 1ms~30000ms
Stray light: <0.5%
Linearity: >95.00%

Electrical characteristics
Power consumption: 230mA@5V
Data transfer rate: USB2.0 high speed

Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/vista/windows7
Computer interface: USB2.0

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