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Mechanical Fiber Optic switch 22


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22 optical switch(OSW) features low insertion loss,low driving power,small size,and high switching speed.The switch is designed for use in optical fiber communication networks and measurement instruments.The switch is designed for usein optical fiber communication networks and measurement instruments. The swith consists of two ports that selectively transmits redirects,or blocks optical power in a fiber optic transmission line. The optical switch must be actuated to select or change between two states. 22 optical switch reverts to a default state upon loss of driving power or control signal. The Default State for this non-latching type optical switch is channe 1.

Feature :
High Extinction Ratio
Low insertion loss
High Stable and Reliable
Epoxy-Free Optical Path

Optical Signal Routing
Network Test Systems

Performance Specifications:
Operating Wavelength (nm) : 850.1260~1640
Insertion Loss(dB) : ≤ 0.8
WDL(dB) : ≤ 0.15
PDL(dB) : ≤ 0.02
TDL(dB) : ≤ 0.02
Channel Cross Talk : ≥55
Repeatability(dB) : 0.03
Returm Loss(dB) : ≥ 50
Switching Speed (ms) : ≤10(typ.5)
Drive Voltage(V): 3.3 or 5
Power Handling (mW): 500
Durability(cycles) : 10 million
Operating Temperature(℃): -20 ~ +80
Storage Temperature (℃): -20~+80
Dimensions(mm): L 28 W 12.6 H 11

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