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The 400 mw laserpointer is too powerful to be true. With its 400mw laser output range of far more than 100 miles, the 400mW green laser pointer (green 400mw laser pointer) is an extreme military grade portable laser designed for precision and stability, and equipped with revolutionary heat sink and cooling technology. Itís designed for continuous operation while significantly maintaining its high output-power. The 400 mw laserpointer also has a variety of uses such as highlighting stars, scientific experiments, building, architecture, and as a survival aid.

laser 400mw could be dangerous to your eyes even reflected off a partially reflective object. Plus, this far in the IR, there's a good chance you won't see anything of the radiation and could get irreversible damage just looking for the spot wondering why you can't see some red.†

532nm 400mW Green Laser Pointer is much brighter than 400 mw red laser. The 400mw red laser is also burning laser.†

laserpointer 400mw
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