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The laserpointer 100mw can be red(650nm),green(532nm),blue(473nm),violet(405nm), infrared(980nm,808nm or 1064nm). The red laserpointer 100mw only has red laser dot in door, while the green laserpointer 100mw has visible green laser beam.† Some of the powerful laserpointers 100mw light a match, such as the Armlaser 100mw Burning Green Laser Pointer:

The Amlaser red laserpointer 100mw is water-proof. The blue laserpointer 100mw is much expensive than red, green and violet. The wavelength of the blue laserpointer 100mw is 473nm,while itís 405nm for violet laserpointer 100mw.† The differences between a green laserpointer 100mw and more powerful green laserpointers are :

1.†The green laserpointer 100mw canít light a match or burn plastics, but a laserpointer 200mw can.
2.†The green laserpointer 100mw can be pen-sized, while most of the higher power green laserpointers are flashtype.

The infrared laserpointer 100mw may be 808nm, 980nm and 1064nm.† Theyíre invisible laser, and donít have visible laser beam or laser dot.

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