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The lasermodule is a part of the laser pointer, and the lasermodule is made by laser diode. According to the colors,The lasermodule is classified as red lasermodule,green lasermodule,blue lasermodule,violet lasermodule and infrared lasermodule. According to the wavelength, the lasermodule is classified as 650nm lasermodule,635nm lasermodule,532nm lasermodule,473nm lasermodule,445nm lasermodule,405nm lasermodule,808nm lasermodule,980nm lasermodule,1064nm lasermodule. According to how to produce the laser, the lasermodule is classified as diode lasermodule, DPSS lasermodule. The lasermodule is used by laser experts in laser labs, laser education and laser research. You may find that lasermodule is harder to play with, but the lasermodule is more interesting than laser pointer. 

You can find many types of lasermodule at Armlaser:

And here are some 808nm infrared lasermodule:

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