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Green laser sight with the output 50mW. It has been used in many applications and industries including the military, medical and astronomy,indicator, teaching. 20 times brighter than red laser sights.Visible in broad daylight.

532 nm green laser beam at 1-mile nighttime range.
Output Power:50mW
Effortless adjustment of windage & elevation.
Powered by one CR123A battery that provides 4 hours continuous use.
Available color: Black 
Construction: Aluminum
Battery: 1 CR123A 3V lithium 
Battery burn time: Approx. 4 hrs. constant "ON" 
Wavelength / Range: 532nm / 1 mile (Nighttime range) 
Operation: Removable finger-touch pressure switch & 10" cable 
Output power: CL IIIa, CW mode 
Dot Size: Smaller than 1 3/4 precision dot a @ 100 yards 
Windage & elevation adjustment: 3 ft. @ 10 yards, 30 ft. @ 100 yards

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