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If you want to PLAY a laser pointer, buy a 50mw Green Laser.  Want a burning green laser ? Have a look at 200mw green laser

You can get any laser products at Armlaser laser products online stores. Currently there are mainly 70mw red laser pointers, 100mw red laser pointers, 170mw red laser pointers, 200mw red laser pointers, and more powerful red laser pointers; 10mw green laser pointers, 50mw green laser, 100mw,150mw,200mw,500mw green laser pointers; 808nm invisible laser pointer,405nm blue violet laser pointer,473nm blue laser pointers , and other much more powerful green laserpointers and blue laser pointers. There are also laser modules, 532nm laser modules and 808nm laser modules.  The laser diodes are also sold by Armlaser.  We make laser diode,laser modules and laser pointers for years. The Armlaser pointers have good quality and long-term guarantee.

You may also find other laser related products here, such as laser goggles, laser cut machines. 532NM GREEN LASER GOGGLE GLASS is a pair of high quality laser goggle that can block green laser beam with wavelength 532nm. Protection wavelength nm of RED LASER GOGGLE GLASS : 190nm-380nm, 600nm-760nm. Armlaser distribute many laser related products online, here you can also learn lots of knowledge about laser, laser pointers, laser products. You can buy laser pointers online with credit cards. Please don’t point the laser pointers to human eyes and helicopter.

Green rifle lasers

The green lasers are used for laser sights for the rifles. The green laser is bright and cheap, therefore they're widely used in sights.

Laser Dazzler

Laser dazzler is a special handheld laser with adjustable focus features. If you want buy dazzler tactical light, check this dazzler tactical .

invisible laser 

high power laser 

200mw green laser    

infrared laser pointer

There are some powerful laser pointer, 2W 2000mW laser pointer.

Before buying a laser pointer, please make sure that you understand the how to use a laser pointer safely. Here is the Lasfe Safety.

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