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I am a researcher of the university of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy). I contact you because I want to purchase a laser and laser goggles for a laboratory experiment. Do the listed lasers make to burst the toy balloons? - 780nm Laser Module 150mW - Focus-adjustable 200mW Red Laser Module - 250mw 650nm Red Laser Pointer Does they have the electric card of control? Besides, has "Focus-adjustable 200mW Red Laser Module"  the power supply? Can you recommend me for these lasers the laser goggles corrected by to buy?

Burst  balloons:
780nm Laser Module 150mW:  No 
Focus-adjustable 200mW Red Laser Module: Yes 
250mw 650nm Red Laser Pointer: Yes 
Focus-adjustable 200mW Red Laser Module is powered by a recharger directly.  
For red laser, you need this gogggle: 

I am in Israel. I need infrared laser for a very special purpose: I want to be able to point to the big screen on which the lecturer's slides are projected, and the dot will only be visibile through the audience cell phones cameras (most of those cameras has a low ability to detect infrared to this degree or another). For that I need an infrared laser with the following requirements:  1.      Biggest dot you have 2.      Won't damage the screen (at least 2 meters between me and the screen) 3.      Be visible through cell phones  (iPhone for example) in let's say a dimmed lights room. What do you suggest?  I'd appreciate if you could make a simple test to make sure those requirements are being addressed.

The 1064nm laser is invisible for eyes, but it has laser dot in cell phones cameras. 
Our 1064nm laser pointer is focus-adjustable. How far is it from you to the screen?

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