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Laser Pointer 2000mw

There are not many laser pointer 2000mw, as the 2000 mw laser is very high and hard to produce. And most of the 2000 mw laser are DPSS laser modules. If you see "2000 mw laser pointer", pay more attention to the real output power.  The green laser 2000mw is produced by DPSS 2000mw laser.  There is no green laser pointer 2000mw at all. The 2000 mw laser is too bright to see with your eyes. The 532nm green laser goggles is must for using green laser 2000mw.  The 2000 mw laserpointer may be 2000 mw 808nm infrared laserpointer. The 2000mw 808nm laser pointer is the cheapest laser pointer 2000mw in the world.  And you can also get 2000 mw laser by 808nm 2000 mw laser modules. 

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