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Many scientific, military, medical and commercial laser applications have been developed.


laser are an inherently pure source of light. The purity of the laser can be improved the purity of any other light source. Therefore the laser is a very useful source for spectroscopy.

Laser Ranging

Laser beams are used to determine the distance. 


Some laser systems of modelocking, can produce extremely brief pulses of light - as short as 10−12 - 10−15 seconds. Such pulses can be used to initiate and analyse chemical reactions. That's  photochemistry. 

Laser cooling

Shining particular wavelengths of laser light at the ions or atoms slows them down, thus cooling them.


Confocal laser scanning microscopy and Two-photon excitation microscopy make use of lasers to obtain blur-free images of thick specimens at various depths.


Some weapons simply use a laser to disorient a person. One such weapon is the Green Laser Optical Warner.

Target designator

The laser target designator  is a low-power laser pointer used to indicate a target for a precision-guided munition. These armlaser sights are common used target designator.The laser sights has in most firearms applications been used as a tool to enhance the targeting of other weapon systems.

Industrial and commercial laser applications:

Laser cutting
Laser welding
Laser drilling
Laser marking
Laser cladding
Optical communications over optical fiber or in free space
Laser peening
Guidance systems (e.g., ring laser gyroscopes)
LIDAR / pollution monitoring,
Digital minilabs
Barcode readers
Laser engraving of printing plate
Laser bonding of additive marking materials for decoration and identification,
Laser accelerometers
OLED display manufacturing
Optical tweezers
Writing subtitles onto motion picture films.[24]
Power beaming, which is a possible solution to transfer energy to the climber of a Space elevator
3D laser scanners for accurate 3D measurement
Laser line levels are used in surveying and construction. 
Extensively in both consumer and industrial imaging equipment.
In laser printers: gas and diode lasers play a key role in manufacturing high resolution printing plates and in image scanning equipment.
Diode lasers are used as a lightswitch in industry, with a laser beam and a receiver which will switch on or off when the beam is interrupted, and because a laser can keep the light intensity over larger distances than a normal light, and is more precise than a normal light it can be used for product detection in automated production.
Laser alignment
Additive manufacturing
plastic welding

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