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Infrared light (ir light) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than visible light. Microscopically, IR light is typically emitted or absorbed by molecules.Infrared light is used in industrial, scientific and medical applications.Night vision using infrared light allow people to be observed without the observer being detected.Infrared imaging is used extensively for military and civilian purposes.

Near-infrared:0.75-1.4 m Wavelength
Short-wavelength infrared:1.4-3 m Wavelength
Far infrared: 15 - 1,000 m

Infrared lasers are electromagnetic radiations with a wavelength longer than seeable light but they are shorter than microwave radiation. Infrared lasers supply light to the optical fiber communication systems. Infrared lasers having wavelength of 1,330 nm or 1,550 nm are the finest options for typical silica fibers.

The ir laser pointer has a wavelength same to infrared light. The ir laser pointer is also name infrared laser pointer. The ir laser pointer is used in lots of industrial and scientific applications. The ir laser pointer is different to the regular red laser pointer or green laser pointer. Even a 2W ir laser pointer doesn't have a visible laser beam.

IR lasers are used by military forces and government agencies worldwide in a number of uses. IR lasers are ideal for target acquisition on the battle field where a target can be "painted" with out revealing the lasers location.

Safety is a very important issue with IR lasers for two major reasons. Firstly because the beam is invisible, there is no way to avoid the beam and the eyes natural protective blink reflex will not work.

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