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invisible laser

The invisible laser is a laser beam that you canít see. The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is visible to the human eye. A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390nm to 750 nm. You can see more about invisible light or visible light here:

Therefore the invisible laser is the laser with the wavelength < 390nm or >750nm. The invisible laser with wavelength > 750nm is named infrared laser, such as 808nm laser, 980nm laser, 1064nm laser. †808nm, 980nm and 1064nm are invisible laser. †The 808nm laser is not totally invisible, as there is a small red small laser dot if you watch it carefully.†

The invisible laser pointer are 808nm laser pointer,980nm laser pointer and 1064nm laser pointer. The laser pointer with the shortest wavelength is 405nm laser pointer. There is no invisible laser pointer.†

Argon Gas-Ion 364 nm †(UV-A) 
XeF Gas (excimer) 351 nm †(UV-A) 
N2 Gas 337 nm †(UV-A) 
XeCl Gas (excimer) 308 nm †(UV-B) 

Krypton SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 284 nm †(UV-B) 
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 264 nm †(UV-C) 
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 257 nm †(UV-C) 
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 250 nm †(UV-C) 
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 248 nm †(UV-C) 
KrF Gas (excimer) 248 nm †(UV-C) 
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 244 nm †(UV-C)
Argon SHG Gas-Ion/BBO crystal 238 nm †(UV-C)†
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