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Introduction of Arm lasers

Arm Lasers (Armlaser, Armlaser products) is a manufacturer for laser diodes, laser modules, laser pointers, and other laser products. Arm lasers almost has all the laser products you need, and Arm lasers offer high quality laser products and the best customers service. Arm lasers is located in China, and has branch in Canada, USA and Japan. Arm lasers sells to all over the world. Arm lasers has all the laser products in stocks, and also customize lasers for some special needs. Most of the orders will be sent out in one day after you place the order. The shipping time is about one week, to USA, Europe, Japan and many other countries. 

Arm lasers has laser diodes: 650nm laser diode, 405nm laser diode, 445nm laser diode, 808nm laser diode.  Arm lasers doesn’t have 532nm green laser diode, as the 532nm green laser modules or 532nm green laser pointers are made with 1064nm laser diodes. Arm lasers offers high power green laser modules, red laser modules, violet and blue laser modules.  Arm lasers offer 100% refund if the customer isn’t satisfied with the purchase.  Arm lasers has online chat, you can live chat with Arm lasers group while you’re on the . We’re there and happy to answer any question for you. 

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