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Infrared (IR) light has a wavelength longer than that of visible light.  The infrared laser pointer is a laser pointer, with wavelength such as 808nm,980nm, 1064nm.With a invisible beam to the naked eye, infrared laser pointer cannot be used by the average laser enthusiast for many normal applications, such as light shows or alignment. Most of the Power levels can be lowered to meet customer needs. The infrared laser pointer are specialist laser pointers normally used for industrial and scientific applications.

The infrared laser pointers are fashionable and popular all over the world. Infrared lasers are not commonly found amongst consumer electronic gadgets and have only recently been made available as IR laser pointers. The infrared laser diode produces an infrared beam at several different wavelengths, 808nm, 980nm, and 1064nm. The laser has many different practical uses in photonics, medicine, science, and even military applications.The infrared laser pointer is so small that you can put it into your pocket.Investing in an infrared laser can really prove useful, especially if you’re in a certain line of work.  These types of lasers are remarkably useful for judging the temperature of an object, from a variety of different distances. 

The way in which infrared laser pointers work, is fairly unique.  They feature a special type of laser mounted site, that is able to shoot a laser onto any object within a certain distance. 

How Does Infrared Laser Therapy Work?

Coherent photons are emitted from an infrared laser (also referred to as low level laser, soft laser or therapeutic laser). These particles enter the tissues and are absorbed in the mitochondria – which are tiny structures within the substance of each individual cell. The energy is converted to chemical energy within the cell. Read more details here.
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