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50mW Green Laser Gun Sight


Just wanted to let you know the package arrived in good condition
Tuesday the 14th here. The packaging for shipment well done, the shipping tape on the outside did it's job well.
EMS is always pretty fast from there to here and well worth it over standard as you well know.
Up until now flashlights and those parts is the types of stuff I buy from your area. High brightness LED flashlights long throwers have been a hobby for me about 3 years now. I like the flashing colored light gizmos too. Never run out of gift ideas for friends birthdays or holiday especially the ones that ride bikes.
Always giving bicycle safety lighting away.

The laser is very nice... i'm new to them, only have one other i recently got from a flashlight place and is a green 5mw sight. Was much too dim in the day to see the dot out past about 70'.
Just finished charging the battery and tried the new one out here inside the room I'm in.
A good noticeable difference this 50mw has over the 5mw.
About to try it outdoor now while taking a walk, it's nighttime like 2am.
Later when the sun is out at about 8am will be the big test to see how far I can see the dot on a background object. That's about the time I'll be at the archery range practicing and using it.

The beam on this one just in the room seems finer then the other one,
That is one first thing I noticed at your site in the description specs that the others I looked at didn't have. The dia of the dot out at 100 yards.
That was a big factor in ordering from your place over any of the others.
90M distance is the range distance at archery i'll be practicing for.
Going to take me awhile to work up to that but all part of the fun.
This 50mw seems much better quality then the other one I have.
Date Added: 01/15/2014 by Robin Andrews
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