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High power laser pointer have various uses in the field of science. Here we show some applications of high power laser pointers.

High power lasers in Photography

High power lasers are used to create impressive and dynamic photographs. When you use a camera in extended exposure then, you can use a high power laser pointer to make picture and to create impressive visual effects. 

High power lasers in Astronomy

These pointers are best tool in astronomy as they can be used to better focus miles into the night sky. It is now easier to point stars and other celestial bodies in space with the help of this technology. These pointers can also be used with telescopes to point out stars and other objects in space.

High power laser pointer in aiming devices

These pointers can be used in different sports for aiming a target or for practice of soldiers to aim on an enemy. These laser pointers are highly accurate and you never miss your target by pointing on it with the help of a laser pointer.

High power laser pointer in entertainment

Today no one can imagine a dance floor with out a laser show. These laser pointers can bring new life to the stage and dance floor as these are available in different colors which can bring an impressive look to the stage. Similarly these pointers are also used in out door events like Asian games, commonwealth games and Olympic Games.

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