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High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser


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High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser have integrated laser diode, fiber coupling optics, laser power supply, LD current and temperature control in ONE box. Its compact dimension and convenient functions, such as power adjustment, temperature control, LED display etc, make it very suitable for pumping, scientific research, industrial and medical applications.


Available Wavelengths (nm):792/ 808/ 880/ 915/ 940/ 980/ 976
Central Wavelengths Tolerance (nm):3/ 3/10/ 3/ 5/ 3/ 3/10
Available Power (W):40-100/ 50-100/ 20-100/ 50-100/ 20-100/ 50-100
Red Pilot Light:Available on request
Fiber Core Diameter (m):400/ 400/200
Fiber NA:0.22
Fiber Connector:SMA905
Fiber Length (m):2
Output Power:0-100%, adjustable by knob
Operating Mode:CW/Pulse
LED Display:Diode current, temperature, frequency and pulse
LD Temperature Control Range ( ℃):18~45, adjustable by knob
Temperature Stability ( ℃):0.1
Expected Lifetime (hours):10000
Input Power:200-240VAC
Power Consumption (KVA):<0.5
Operating Temperature ( ℃):10~30
Dimension (mm):480500176
Weight (kg):<15
Cooling Way:by air
Warranty time:1 year

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