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High Power 200mW Green Laser Rifle Sight


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Most powerful and bright green laser gun/rifle sights. You will see the bright green laser target dot in a long distance. The laser sight is much brighter than other sights, because it has 200mW output power, while most of the laser sights are 50mW. Because of the high output power, please don't keep it working for a long time ( < 10 mins ). The tactical long distance laser sight has a gun mount, and you can mount it easily. 

Output Power:200mW
Dimensions: 125mm * 31mm
Operating Voltage:DC3V
Powered by one 16340 battery, 4 hours continuous use.
Available color: Black 
Construction: Aluminum
Lifetime: 10000 hours
Range: > 1000 meters

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Customer Reviews:

by Peter Riley
This is a really bright Green Laser, idk if it really is a 200mW green laser, I have no way of measuring it. but i doubt it since a class III laser MUST have a key and all these precautionary steps before use. Good laser though. I dont like how there is no way to focus it, and no instructions with the laser.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]


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