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500mw green laser

The 500mw green laser pointer is very powerful and dangerous. The 500mw green laser has a bright and thick green laser beam, which can burn papers, light cigar.  Here are some 500mw green laser:

The typical power range for armlaser 500mw green laser is from 520mw – 560mw. It’s much higher than the average 500mw green laser products on the market. You need a 532nm green laser goggles while you’re operating the 500mw green laser pointer, as the laser beam is so bright that you will feel bad even you see the laser dot on the wall or other targets.

The 500mw green laser is expensive , it costs several hundred of dollars. Most of the manufacturers can make such a high power green laser. The 500mw green laser has a safety  locked key and a safety cover at the emitting hole. The 500mw green laser is hold by a good metal case and is sent with a charger, a pair of goggles. The 500mw green laser is very big and the pointer body is large for releasing the heat while working.

The best 500mw green laser in the world is :

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