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The green laser 500mw is one of the most powerful green laser pointers, some of them are portal, and the others are DPSS. The green laser 500mw is bright, it burns skin,paper,plastics, and many other things. You would be blind if the green laser 500mw goes directly to your eyes. Therefore green laser goggles are needed while you’re using it. The portal green laser 500mw has safety lock, safety cover and a charger. It’s not designed for long-time working, as they may produce lots of heat while working. Most of the green laser 500mw needs 20 seconds rest, after working for 5 minutes. However green laser 500mw DPSS can be working continuously for days , even weeks. Such products have good methods for releasing the heat.  

There are different kinds of green laser 500mw at Armlaser store:

They’re expensive because the cost are high to make green laser 500mw. Utilization of the latest laser crystal technology and optics creates this high quality Laser Pointer. It emits an intense, brilliant laser beam and has a range up to 10000 meters. The green laser 500mw goes farther than lower power green laser, but may be less than red laser .

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