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Green Laser 500mW (532nm Laser 500mW)

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Green Laser 500mw~800mW, the most powerful handheld green laser pointers.

Robust Airplane-grade Aluminium Host and weatherproof design 
Focus adjustable beam divergence and adjustable beam diameter range 
Intuitive Design and Solid Build for Rugged Uses
Hand held or weapon mountable for versatile use.
High stability, adjustable focus.

Green Laser 500mw
Average Output Power:500mW
Transverse Mode; Beam shape:TEM00; Rounded
Beam Divergence, Full Angle (mrad):1.5mrad; Customizable Upon Request
Beam Diameter @ Aperture:1.5-3mm at the aperture;Customizable
Switch:Full FDA compliant features: key switch, remote connector key, On/Off Push Button
Range in Darkness (m):up to 1000m
Diode MTTF:8,000 hours
Dimensions:38mm x 220mm
Operating Temperature:15 - 35 C
NOHD:150m; *The NOHDs were calculated based on a 0.25 second accidental (unaided eye) exposure.
Required Eyewear OD:>3, See Recommended Laser Glasses
Power Supply:1x18650 Li-Ion Battery, 3.7v, 2400mah
Warranty Period    12 Months

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