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Flame Photometer


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Flame Photometer FP6410

Application Areas
A lot of new technology and new materials are adopted. Such features as LCD display, menu-type instruction operation, curve storage, flameout protector and outside printout are enabled by the application of top grade embedded mono-chip computer circuit.
Range: K:0~999.9;Na:0~999.9;Li:0~999.9;
Sensitivity: K:0.2μg/mL;Na:0.2μg/mL;
Linearity: K:0.2μg/mL;Na:0.7μg/mL
Drift: less than 3% within 15s
Reproducibility: 3%
Aspiration rate: <6mL/min
Fuel supply: L.P.G.

Packaging Details
Unit Type:
Package Weight:
21.0kg (46.297lb.)
Package Size:
65cm x 40cm x 40cm (25.59in x 15.75in x 15.75in)

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