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Erbium Laser Glass


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Erbium Laser Glass
Erbium and Ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass has a broad application because of the excellent properties. Mostly, it is the best laser glass material for 1.54um laser due to its eyesafe wavelength of 1540 nm and high transmission through atmosphere. It is also suitable for medical applications where the need for eye protection may be difficult to manage or diminish or hinder essential visual observation. Recently it is used in optical fiber communication instead of EDFA for its more super plus. There is a great progress in this field. We provide three types of Erbium - doped laser glasses EP6, WM4, Cr14.
EP6 is Erbium laser glass with Yb ion doping, it siutable for mricolaser system or middle power diode pumping laser system (DPSS). Using EP6 Er:Glass, the cw 1540 nm has obtained with good beam quality and stable output.
WM4 laser glass has better heat conductivity than EP6 laser glass and suitable for high power diode pumping laser system and light wave guide application. 
Cr14 is Erbium laser glass with Cr ion doping. it develop specially for the high power xenon lamp pumping laser system. It is suitable for the LD pumping laser system.

Model: EP6;WM4;Cr14;
Cross section for stimulated emission (1020 cm2): 0.8;0.75;0.8;
Fluorescent lifttime (msec): 9000;8000;7700;
Center lasing wavelength(nm): 1535;1536;1535;
dn/dT (10-6/oC) (20~100 oC): -4.7;-3.0;-5.2;
Abbe value: 65;66;64;
Transformation temp. (oC): 442;530;445;
Softening temp. (oC): 470;573;593;
Coeff. of liner thermal expansion (10-6/ oC): 10;8.2;10.3;
Thermal coeff. of optical path length (10-6/ oC): 0.64;1.4;0.36;
Density (g/cm3): 3.15;2.83;3.10;

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