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Ultra-compact red laser is designed and manufactured by ArmLaser. DPSS red laser features with high stability, high efficiency, high reliability, low noise and excellent laser beam quality. These red lasers are specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial use.

Current available red laser products including CW red laser and Q-switched red laser products.

Wavelength:671 nm
Spatial Mode:TEM00
Output Power:100-400mW
Operation Mode:CW or Modulation
Beam Spot Shape:Circular, aspect ratio<1.1:1
Pointing Stability:<0.05 mrad
Beam Diameter(1/e2):<2.0 mm
Beam Divergence(full angle):<1 mrad
Power Stability:<±5% per 4 hrs
Temperature Stabilizing:TEC
Warm Up Time:<5 minutes
MTTF:10,000 hrs
Modulation:Analog or TTL upto 30KHz
Laser head dimensions:100(L)x40(W)x50(H)mm3 (fan adds 15mm height)
LSR-PS-I dimensions:100(L)x58(W)x32(H)mm3

compact size 
Collimated straight beam 
Adjustible focuse 
Easy use & maintenance free 
Longlife operation 
High efficiency 
High reliability

Laser show 
Laser Alignment
Scanning Biochemistry 
Material Inspection Lidar

Red laser, 633 nm single longitudinal mode laser available up to 35 mW is suitable for red He-Ne laser replacement

Red laser, 638 nm single longitudinal mode laser available up to 70 mW
Red laser, 642 nm single longitudinal mode laser available up to 100 mW

Red laser with fast TTL modulation up to 200 MHz option is available for the wavelength range from red 635 nm up to near infrared 1550 nm
High power red crystal lasers with diffraction limited single mode beam output are available now. The red laser output power is up to 350 mW at 671 nm and 300 mW at 656 nm and 660 nm

High power long coherence length single longitudinal mode red crystal lasers with output power up to 250 mW at 671 nm and 25 mW at 656 nm are available. The single longitudinal mode red lasers feature narrow linewidth, wavelength tunable, and with long coherence length of >300 meters. The lasers are suitable for holography, interferometer, for magnet-optical trapping of lithium atoms and Raman spectrum applications

Diode-pumped Q-switched red crystal lasers are available at 656nm, 660 nm and 671 nm.

Wavelengths of the red lasers and near infrared lasers:
633 nm, 638 nm, 642 nm, 647 nm, 655 nm, 656.5 nm, 660 nm, 671 nm, 690 nm, 780 nm, 785 nm, 808 nm, 852 nm, 980 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm and more.
The red laser is easy to use, plug and play, no cooling fan, no cooling water required, no noise and no vibration during laser operation

The red lasers are based on our proprietary laser design technology. This laser technology allows our red lasers to operate in TEMoo mode with long coherence length and extremely low power consumption in a compact laser housing.
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