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Modulation: TTL/CW/SIM

TTL modulation is based on TTL signals.A TTL signal is a series of square wave pulses created by cycling the voltage between low and high. A laser with TTL modulation uses these signals as triggers to turn the laser on and off. CW means continuous wave CW normal working mode.

The M2 factor, also called beam quality factor or beam propagation factor, is a common measure of the beam quality of a laser beam.

A transverse mode of a laser beam is a particular electromagnetic field pattern of radiation measured in a plane perpendicular to the propagation direction of the beam. The TEM00 mode is the lowest order, or fundamental transverse mode of the laser resonator,has the same form as a Gaussian beam.

Beam Divergence

The beam divergence is an angular measure of the increase in beam diameter. It is relevant only in the "far field", away from any focus of the beam. Radian is the ratio between the length of an arc and its radius.  

Spectral linewidth

The spectral linewidth is the width of a spectral line, in the electromagnetic emission spectrum of an atom, or the frequency spectrum of an acoustic or electronic system. 

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