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There are many dazzler weapons, one of them is dazzler laser weapon. The dazzler laser weapon is handheld portable laser emitter.  Some people think that the laser dazzler weapon is laser pointer. In fact, it's not. The laser pointer has a focus laser beam, but dazzler weapon laser has a larger laser beam, and it's easy to temporary blind people. The dazzler weapon can't be used illegally. The dazzler laser weapon with power of 200mW is 10 Meters Green Laser Dazzlers. If the power is > 200mW, the distance will be farther. There are other dazzler light weapon, but the dazzler laser weapon is the most powerful, as the laser is the best in all kinds of light.  You can buy dazzler weapon at Armlaser dazzler (weapon) department.  You need to know how to use dazzler laser weapon correctly before you want to buy a dazzler weapon. 

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