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CO2 Laser Tube 40W 700mm


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Mainly supply industrial CO2 laser tubes,medical CO2 laser tubes and He-Ne laser tubes .Can also OEM †laser tubes for scientific research or special use according to customerís request .
high output power,stability,good beam mode,long working life.
Industrial CO2laser tubes are mainly applied in engraving &cutting machine ,laser marking machines.

Model(w): 80,100,130,150
Standard power(w): 80,100,130,150
Peak power(w): 90,110,150,175
Length(mm): 1200,1400,1650,1850
Diameter(mm): 80,80,80,90
Life time(hours): 8000,8000,8000,8000
Beam diameter(mm): 8mm,8mm,8mm,8mm

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