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If you want to buy 500mw laser, first of all, you need to decide which type of 500mw laser can meet your needs. Green 500mw laser, red 500mw laser, violet 500mw laser, blue 500mw laser and infrared 500mw laser. †The most expensive are blue 500mw laser and green 500mw laser. You canít buy a green 500mw laser with less than $500, and the blue 500mw laser is even more expensive than green 500mw laser. Some sellers are selling green 532nm 500mw laser for $98, itís not real 500mw laser, maybe itís just 50mw. And the cheapest 500mw laser is infrared 500mw laser, such as:

Armlaser 500mw laser for green is :

To buy 500mw laser, itís better to buy good quality and reliable one, donít want to buy 500mw laser with very low price. The 500mw laser diode is expensive, all the green 500mw laser with prices < $300 are not real.†

If you want to buy 500mw laser pen, itís not 500mw laser pointer, itís also not real. The 500mw laser is powerful and will produce much heat while working. The pen-sized laser pointer canít deal with the heat. Therefore all the 500mw laser arenít laser pen. Theyíre laser pointers or DPSS 500mw laser modules.†

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