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If you want to buy 500mw laser, 500mw laser pointers,500mw laser DPSS,500mw laser module or diode, you can’t get them at the local stores, you need to buy 500mw laser online. There are lots of stores, selling 500mw laser. Here are some tips while buying 500mw laser. 500mw laser is high power laser, and most of the 500mw laser pointers are BIG, more than 20cm and . The 500mw laser will produce lots of heat while working, the laser body is big enough to release the heat. When you buy 500mw laser, make sure you understand that 500mw laser may be 500mw green laser, 500mw red laser, 500mw violet laser, 500mw blue laser, or 500mw infrared laser. Therefore the prices are different, the 500mw green laser and 500mw blue laser are most expensive. 

You may spend 1000$ for buying 500mw laser, customer service after the purchase is important. You need to choose a seller that reply your questions quickly then you can contact them anytime while the laser has problems. Learn some basic security knowledge before you buying 500mw laser, as they’re very powerful and extremely dangerous for human, eyes and skins. They will burn many things,paper,plastics, cigar… 

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