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Burning laser pointers

The burning laser pointers is the high power laser pointers that have the ability to burn. The burning laser pointers can burn plastics,matches, papers, wood and so on. The burning laser pointers may be red laser, green laser, blue laser or infrared burning lasers. The red burning laser pointers is more powerful than green burning laser pointers. 

Building a powerful burning laser pointer doesn't require spending a lot of money. To buy burning laser pointers, you can shop at armlaser burning laser pointers category. Here are the steps to make a burning laser pointer yourself.

1. Twist your hands till the glue holding the two halves of the laser pointer cracks. Separate the halves. Put the half that has the lens at the front aside.

2. Remove the battery cap from the half of the laser pointer still in your hand.

3. Take the jeweler's screwdriver and adjust the exposed screw of the now revealed laser mechanism jutting out, turning it fully clockwise.

4. Insert the batteries into the battery compartment and screw on the battery cap. 

It's not easy to build burning laser pointers. You will spend hundreds of dollars to buy green burning laser pointers. The infrared burning laser pointers is much cheaper.  Here is the 808nm burning laser pointers. 
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