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blue laser pointer, 5mW 473nm blue laser


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5mw 473nm Blue Laser 
Specification :
(1) Blue laser pointer 
(2) Wavelength: 473nm 
(3) Laser range:500-2,500 meters 
(4) Battery: 1 x 18650.
(5) Dimension :23.5x189mm
(6) Output power: 5mw
(7) Transverse Mode: TEMoo
(8) Switch: Constant on/off switch
(9) Expected Lifetime: > 8,000 hours 
(10) Body Material: Aluminium
Constant on/off switch
Well tested and high quality blue laser pointer
Clearly visible in the dark
Fixed focus, continuous output 
Using long lifetime chip, more than 8000hours
Application Area:
Teaching , Lectures
Astronomy enthusiasts
Museums ,Gallery guides
Building field , Mining field
Business person , Conference Speaker
Bars, KTV, Clubs, Concert site

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