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Armoured Optical Fiber Jumper,Connector


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Armoured optical fiber jumper is a  new  product which can be easily used  just  like  wire. The  biggest  difference  is  that  the  traditional  optical  f iber  is  easily broken or destroyed, the  new product  solve  this problem by using a  slight pliability  stainless  steel tube  and   a  wire  fence  which  used   patent  technique,  and  then covered tube
with  a  flame - resisting  PVC  coating  for  damp  proofing  and  fire prevention. The  unusual  design  make  optical   fiber  placed  more   easily,reduced  the loss during  operation, and  increase service-life.
The products are RoHS compliant.
CATV system
Armoured fiber, sturdy and durable
Standard connector
Excellent bend performance.

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